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Politik für Rücksendungen

Für Rücksendung müssen die zurückgesendete Artikel versehen sein mit einem RMA-Dokument (Return merchandise authorization). Sie können dieses Dokument anfordern wenn Sie uns anrufen oder mailen.

Weir behandeln nur Rücksendungen die versehen sind mit einem RMA-Dokument.

Um ein RMA-Dokument ab zu können fassen, brauchen wir die folgende Information:

  • Reason for return
  • Invoice number
  • Article number(s)
  • Quantity to return


Unsere Bedingungen for returning articles:

  • All articles need to be unused and undamaged.
  • All articles need to be returned complete, that means all potential accessories, directions for use and product stickers included.
  • All articles need to be in their original packaging. This packaging needs to be undamaged, blank (not written on with pen or felt-tip pen) and not covered with stickers or labels.
  • All articles need to be mentioned on the RMA document, otherwise your return request cannot be processed.
  • If you want to return articles that you have ordered wrong yourself, you will need to bear the costs for the return.
  • products that have been custom made or ordered especially for you cannot be returned. 

Further packing instructions and our address are mentioned on the RMA document.

Right of withdrawal consumer

One of the key provisions in the law Remote buying is the right of withdrawal of the consumer . Because consumers don't have an opportunity to see or test the goods before buying them, they have the right to a time for reflection of 14 days in which to return these goods without giving reasons. The 14 day period starts running from the time the goods are delivered.
The shipping costs for the return are your responsibility. Exceptions  are surcharges for sending Cash on delivery ( COD). Only the basic costs have to be paid back. This only applies to return for the entire order, for  a partly return, only the value of the returned products  must be refunded .
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